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Anxious Generation — How Safetyism and Social Media are damaging the kids

Jonathan Haidt's Anxious Generation sheds light on how two diametrically opposite forces are producing a generation that suffers from Mental issues and inability to face contrarian views.

Programming is like bricklaying

If a bricklayer told you he has a specific style he likes to adhere to and that his choice of tools allows for better self-expression, you'd be fine with it. If this tooling meant he suddenly needed two or three times the number of people to execute on it and get the same effect, you'd walk him out of your home. :)

Grift shift

One day it's crypto and NFT, the next it's Metaverse, once that goes bust or doesn't yield returns that were expected, then it's time to hop on the AI hype train.

Building Elegant REST APIs

If you're interested in API design and best practices, this might be worth a read. I cover essential topics like proper HTTP verb usage, HTTP status codes, some not as commonly used REST-specific features, and provide an introduction to OpenAPI.